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What pops into my head

What word pops into your head when you hear the word family?
The first word that pops into my mind is mother. My mother
always taught us that family comes first, the most important
aspect of life for my mom is that we would always have each
other’s back, no matter what! I live by the example my mom has
left us with. She was a very strong, wise, beautiful, generous,
truthful, and loving mom. Any time she felt I or my siblings were
doing something wrong, she would not hesitate to let us know
with an iron fist or scolding words. When I messed up in or out of
school, I would fear my mom, not because of physical harm but of
disappointment. The last thing I wanted to do was to disappoint
my idol in life. She was modeled as the perfect person to me. My
father was not around much so my mom took on the role of father
and mother. There was a time when my mom would have My
brother and I sleep in the back of our station wagon while she
worked an early shift making donuts. She would take a break from
her shift to get my brother and I home to get ready for school,
drop us off, and go back to work. There wasn’t a night that we
didn’t have food on our table and she made sure we would sit and
eat together. She did all this not because she was obligated to,
she did this to let us know, no matter what road blocks or
barricades that gets in her way, she’ll always have our back!
I lost my mom on June 5th , 2022. It was the hardest day I ever had
to face in my 44 years on this earth. She is my hero, my friend,
my inspiration, my drive, my momma…She may be gone but what
she has taught me I will never forget. I have a beautiful family! A
wife that I have been with for more than half of my life, three
strong boys, and 4 grandkids. Everyday my mom’s words fill my

head and my heart “Always be there for them because at the end
of each day they will always be there for you” . No matter how
hard the days are I can always look into the eyes of my wife and
the hard day washes away. My mom left this earth knowing her
baby would be taken care of with love and compassion from my
family. I thank God for the time I had with her and I am grateful he
blessed me with a beautiful soul that I could call mother.
In the bible the word “King” is applied to God being the sovereign
and ruler of the universe. We are all God’s children which makes
us all family. Family is King!!!

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What pops into my head

What word pops into your head when you hear the word family?The first word that pops into my mind is…

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